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Our Cybersecurity and Digital Trust Community

· 2 min read

Apart from our professional endeavours, we're also committed to building a friendly and inviting cybersecurity community here in the Sydney CBD region. We do regular meetups and talks, where we aim to:

  • Share ideas, best practices, and case studies
  • Present the latest risks and developments in cybersecurity
  • Practice cybersecurity problems and solutions
  • Support each other via networking opportunities and broadening our business understanding of related topics

Meetup Talk on Centralised vs Decentralised Systems

As a diverse community of cybersecurity professionals specialising in different fields, we intend our meetups to be an intersection of our combined knowledge. We encourage anyone to nominate topics of their fields of interest to discuss with the rest of us, whether it be technical or business focused, no matter how niche or mainstream. In all, we strive to create an accessible forum to learn, share, and connect with like-minded individuals.

As a brief overview on what we've covered so far:

  • In our initial meetup we presented Future Risks, Zero Trust, and the Optus Leak. Through it, we discussed the recent Optus Hack as a case study for the reasons as to the modern pivot towards Zero Trust architectures in the cybersecurity industry.
  • Following this, we discussed the workings of Zero Trust Architecture and Electric Vehicle Cyberrisks, exploring the workings and possibilities of digital trust through a foundational understanding of game theory.
  • To expand on our previous meetup, we discussed causes and risks of Secret Sprawl, and the implementation of Principle of Least Privilege secrets management workflows that mitigate this phenomenon.

We invite you to join us at future events by signing up to our Cybersecurity & Digital Trust Meetup Group.