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Matrix AI Deep Learning Training Course Pilot with NetScout (NASDAQ: NTCT)

· 2 min read

Over the last several weeks, Matrix AI has been training the senior and principal software engineers at NetScout ( NASDAQ: NTCT) on machine learning with a focus on deep neural networks.

NetScout Deep Learning Class Shot

We piloted our first machine-learning training course in collaboration with NetScout. Over 2.5 weeks, we went through the basics of deep learning:
  • Statistical Data Exploration
  • Linear & Logistic Regression
  • Single Neurons
  • Multi Layer Neural Networks
  • Deep Neural Networks
  • Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Each topic encompassed practical exercises involving real-life datasets that were used to demonstrate the concepts of predictive analytics: regression and classification.

With the successful completion of this course, Matrix AI has launched a new product called the Matrix AI Introduction to Deep Learning Course. For more details see our Training page.


It is a high-intensity course focused on bringing senior software engineers up to speed with the latest developments in deep machine learning. This will allow them to make practical use of machine learning techniques to solve big and small business data problems.

Roger's course was a great way to get up to speed on machine learning. The mathematical concepts introduced really made the subject matter stick. Now, we are capable of dissecting ML-based research papers, understanding what the innovations are, and applying them to problems we want to solve. -- David Turnbull - Principal Software Engineer

If your company requires leveling up your existing senior software engineers to be capable of understanding and making use of deep learning technology to solve real-world business problems, see our course page for more information (link).

Matrix AI is a company that applies Artificial Intelligence to DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure through the Matrix Operating System. We provide consulting services in the domain of machine-learning. This mean we help companies develop end-to-end machine learning infrastructure that encompasses data analysis, distributed big-data processing pipelines, bespoke information-extraction tools, deep neural network architectures focused on regression and classification, and GPU compute orchestration. Our specialty is in computer vision which involves image classification, object detection, segmentation and geographic information systems.