Matrix is an operating system designed for the next era of cloud and internet of things. Its primary objective is to orchestrate massive distributed infrastructure so that they become self-healing, self-organising, and self-adaptable. The Matrix OS is comprised of 5 subsystems that interact in a feedback loop: Forge, Emergence, Overwatch, Adaptation, Convergence.


Human understandable visualisation of complex infrastructure, and recommendation system for optimising Matrix.


Machine learning applied to optimise the cost, performance and reliability of highly availability infrastructure.


Online infrastructure telemetry that captures what, when and why an event happens.


Decentralised self-organising orchestration system for scheduling container applications and allocating computational resources.


Type-safe language and ecosystem of tools for distributed infrastructure development, testing and composition.

Polykey is a distributed peer-to-peer secret sharing system designed to manage secrets, passwords, and API keys for humans and machines. It integrates Git, GnuPG, and Keybase to help users:

  • Automatically deploy software which relies on external API keys
  • Manage key updates while there are online applications using and depending on those keys
  • Ensure the security of keys at-rest or during transit
  • Revoke access keys
  • Pass keys that are strictly relevant for the application
  • Backup keys

The Polykey Command Line Interface (CLI) tool will be released in June 2019.