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We're currently in pre-alpha development, so here is where we report our progress.
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Matrix AI is a Sydney based company that provides end to end machine learning application development services. We deliver full stack software solutions to automate your business processes.

Matrix, our core product which is an operating system designed for the next era of cloud, machine-learning and internet of things. It is designed to orchestrate massive distributed infrastructure so that they become self-healing, self-organising, and self-adaptable.

How We Work

Step 1: Analyze your Business Domain

We will first launch a study into your business model and combine it with insights from your database.

Next we’ll design a plan to integrate structured, semi-structured and unstructured data together which will identify workflows that machine-learning can help automate.

Collection of graphs and scripts that show how to analyze business domain

Step 2: Plan your Model and Infrastructure

A chart representing the processes involved in building a deep neural network from collecting data to building a training model

We specialise in using and building deep neural network architectures to address problems in classifying, detecting, segmenting, or understanding: images, videos or language-based data.

Deep neural networks require significant computational infrastructure to serve double-duty: training and inference. Training makes the neural network learn against existing data. Inference evaluates the neural network against new never-before-seen data.

Step 3: Develop the Backend and Frontend

The most useful outcome from any machine-learning application is visual.

We not only build the backend code to run training and inference, but also the frontend visualisations of the machine-learning results catered towards decision makers and operational requirements.

A demonstration of backend and frontend codes and the data visualizations that is developed for a comprehensive solution

Step 4: Deploy into Production

A visualization of deploying machine learning code into production that is used for training datasets

Machine-learning applications can be complex to deploy. We are experts at deploying machine-learning infrastructure at scale. We will manage deployment onto the cloud, and monitor both the computational and statistical performance of the machine learning application.